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Mega Spectrum Dewormer For Small Pets

Mecfen Plus Small Pets is a broad spectrum anthelmintic tablet for small pets. Mecfen Plus Small Pets is used to treat round worm, tapeworm and ectoparasite infestation.

Segment: Pet

Type: Tablet

Category: Other Specialty

Packaging: 6 tablets

Each tablet contains:
Febantel........ ...............113.4 mg
Praziquantel .................. 22.7 mg
Pyrantel pamoate...........22.7 mg

Round worm
Tape worm
Ectoparasite infestation

Mecfen plus small pets tablets for Puppies and Small Dog (2-25 lbs.); 2 to 4 kg bwt:- 0.5 Tablet; 5 to 7 kg bwt:- 1.0 Tablet; 8 to 12 kg bwt:- 1.5 Tablets; 13 to 18 kg bwt:- 2.0 Tablets; 19 to 25 kg bwt:- 2.5 Tablets.


AuricurTM is Curcumin supplement, a nano-emulsified Curcumin Phosphatidyl Choline-Serine-Ethanolamine complex enriched with Bioenhancer and Metabolic Potentiator technology. AuricurTM (Curcumin NanophosphosomeTM) easily crosses the gut barrier resulting in significantly higher blood levels of Curcumin. Potentiated phospholipid complex acts as carrier mediated transport system, which directs the Curcumin to reach the systemic circulation and also increases it's absorption and bioavailability. Bioenhancer and Metabolic potentiator technology enhances the permeability of intestinal microvilli and improves Curcumin absorption as well prevents it's metabolic reduction through inhibition of P-gp, CYP3AG and UGT.

Segment: Human OTC

Type: Tablet

Category: Other Specialty

Packaging: 30 Tablets and 60 Tablets Container

Curcumin NanophosphosomeTM * (AuricurTM)
Curcumin Phosphatidyl Choline-
Serine-Ethanolamine complex 210 mg
Curcuminoids, minimum 90 mg
+ Daily Value not established * Fortified with Piperine

Reports suggest that Curcumin supplementation improves recovery during pain, inflammation, Rheumatoid arthritis and helps in wound healing. AuricurTM is a NanophosphosomeTM form of Curcumin with technologically advanced bioenhancer and metabolic potentiator technology.

1 tablet twice daily or as directed by qualified healthcare professionals. This product is not intended to cure or prevent any disease.

Synergistic Combination of Fenbendazole and Ivermectin

Mecfen is combination of Fenbendazole and Ivermectin. Both anthelmintics act synergistically ensuring complete protection against round worm and tape worm infestation in bovines

Segment: Livestock

Type: Bolus

Category: Anti-Parasitic , Anthelmintic

Packaging: Single bolus strip in a unit carton

Each bolus contains:
Fenbendazole................3 gm
Ivermectin................100 mg

Round worm
Tape worm
Ectoparasite infestation

Cow/ Buffalo- 7.5 to 10 mg per kg bwt by oral route for 300-400 kg bwt

Potentiated Probiotics, Prebiotic, Vitamins, Trace Minerals, Enzymes & Digestive Bolus

Turbogil vet is an all-natural potentiated probiotics, prebiotic, enzymes, vitamins, immunomodulator & trace minerals containing bolus with proven sialagogue and rumino-reticular stimulant action required in prolonged cases of anorexia.

Segment: Livestock, , Health Supplements

Type: Bolus

Category: Nutrition Supplement , Digestive

Packaging: Strip of 4 Bolus Box of 10 Strips

Each bolus contains:
Bacillus subtilis 300 million cfu
Bacillus licheniformis 300 million cfu
Bacillus coagulans 3200 million cfu
Saccharomyces boulardii 600 million cfu
Aspergillus oryzae 250 million cfu
Vitamin B1 30 mg
Vitamin B6 30 mg
Vitamin C 60 mg
Zinc sulphate 100 mg
Cobalt sulphate 20 mg
Copper sulphate 50 mg
Magnesium sulphate 40 mg
Alpha amylase 125 U
Acid protease 125 U
Cellulase 300 U
Phytase 60 U
Biotin (Pure) 5 mg
Strychni semen 500 mg
MOS 300 mg

Chronic anorexia
Rumen acidosis
In combination with antibiotic therapy

Cow/buffalo: 2-3 bolus once or twice daily for 2-3 days Calf/Sheep/goat: ½ -1 bolus once or twice daily for 2-3 days