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New Generation Fluoroquinolone

Neubac the latest fourth-generation fluoroquinolone with wide antimicrobial spectrum, quick response time and least chances of resistance. It is effective against gram positive and negative aerobes and anaerobes, mycoplasma and chlamydia. Highly effective against acute infections of respiratory, uterine and mammary system

Segment: Livestock

Type: Injectable

Category: Antimicrobial , Antibacterial

Packaging: 30 ml Vial in a unit carton with Tray and Antiseptic swab

Each ml contains:
Moxifloxacin...........100 mg

Endometritis, Metritis and Pyometra
Dystocia and Prolapse of uterus
Pneumonia, Broncho-pneumonia and Hemorrhagic septicemia
CCPP and CBPP, Mastitis

Cow/ Buffalo/ Sheep/Goat- 5 mg per kg bwt by IM/ IV route