Instantly Bioavailable Anionic Calcium-Magnesium Gel

Gelmil Advanced is instantly bioavailable oral anionic Calcium and Magnesium gel fortified with phosphorus and glucogenic precursers. Each bottle provides calcium equivalent to 5 bottles of I/V calcium. Serum calcium reaches to significant levels within 15 minutes and stays for extended periods. Self-dispensing squeezable bottle provides ease of administration

Segment: Livestock

Type: Gel

Category: Nutrition Supplement

Packaging: 400 gm squeezable bottle

Each 450 gm contains:
Calcium 40 gm, Phosphorus 13 gm, Magnesium 6 gm,
Phytobio-CalphosTM 300 mg,
Vitamin D3 40,000 IU,
Glucogenic precursers eq. to metabolizable energy value of 8,77,000 Calorles.

Comprehensive nutrition supplement for Milk Fever and negative energy balance management
Reduce the chances of milk fever relapse after I/V calcium administration
Recommended during anti-hemoprotozoal treatment, impaction, uterine inertia, retention of placenta and to support normal parturition.
Regular Use- Administer one bottle at the first sign of calving to support normal parturition, alleviate negative energy balance and reduce the chances of milk fever and associated complications. Milk Fever Management- Administer one bottle post-parturition (upon observing milk fever symptoms or follow-up therapy after I/V calcium administration) by oral route, repeat after 24 hrs if required Directions for use: Remove the seal of the bottle. Hold the head of the animal in a normal to slightly elevated position. Carefully place the nozzle by side of the muzzle and squeeze the center of the tube slowly. Note: Do not administer to animals that are unable to swallow.